Entry Policy & Ticket Sales

Entry Requirements

Unless specified, you must be a student at the University of Winchester in order attend our events. Burma Road residents are permitted entry to events with the required proof of status and age. Winchester School of Art students are permitted entry, in collaboration with Southampton University Students Union.

Students require proof of student status (University of Winchester Student ID card) and proof of age for entry to our events.

During Freshers Fortnight ONLY we will accept Halls of Residence keys, Letters of Enrollment or a print out of your Learning Network profile, as proof of your student status.

We operate the Challenge 21 scheme. We accept the following as proof of age: Valid EU Photocard Driving License, Valid Passport or Verified PASS Card.

If you have lost your ID you may email su_ents@winchester.ac.uk in advance of the event, however we CANNOT guarantee entry, as it is at the discretion of the door supervisors on the night. It is a legal obligation to check the ID of all customers entering the venue.

Winchester Student Union operates a zero tolerance policy towards drugs and alcohol misuse. Therefore any-one deemed intoxicated, or under the influence, will not be permitted entry.

Winchester Student Union operates a random search policy. If you refuse a search request, entry will not be permitted.

Signing-In Policy

Students may sign in 1 guest per event, subject to availability, To sign-in a guest you must arrive together to an event and buy your tickets from the Box Office when it opens (at Level 1, University Centre, main campus). You will be required to show your student ID card, be asked for your guests name,. You will be issued your event tickets and a guest ticket. Your guest must provide proof of age upon entry. Accepted proof of age ID is listed above. Please note no guests are permitted during Freshers Fortnight.

Students who sign in a guest, take full responsibility for their guests behavior and are liable for any disciplinary action if their guest is involved in, or causes any incidents whereby house rules & policies are broken.

Advance Tickets

The Box Office is open from the doors opening time of any given event and will remain open until the advertised door closure time. Tickets are available upon proof of student status. 

Once an event is sold out, the Venue will operate a one in/one out system of entry. We cannot guarantee entry, so please arrive early to avoid disappointment

Discounted entry prices are valid for the first 2 hours of an event only and are highly subsidised to encourage earlier attendance. Please arrive early to avoid queuing. After 10pm the tills will change price automatically to the full rate. You must be in the venue and have paid for a ticket prior to this time to be eligible for discounted entry. We cannot be held accountable for the size of queues/speed of entry, so early attendance is advised.

Tickets for some events may also be available online. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Queue Management

When you arrive at an event, please queue quietly. Our venue is in a residential area and excessive noise disturbs our neighbours. Please note we ask you to leave the queue and refuse entry to anyone making excessive noise.

Queue jumping is not permitted and anyone found jumping the queue will be asked to join the back of the queue, or may be refused entry to the event.

Please ensure you arrive early and prior to the advance ticket cut-off time. Arriving earlier will result in quicker entry to the event.

Once in the queue please ensue you have your tickets and required ID ready.

Alcohol is not permitted in the queue (or outside the venue) and will be confiscated.

Taxi Stop

We operate a staffed Taxi Stop area for everyone who orders a taxi after Bop and our Friday Night events. The taxi stop is situated at the front of the SU Shop and will be manned by Front of House staff, who will call you when your taxi arrives. This is to ensure safe queuing away from Sparkford Road, and to minimise noise pollution, and will also keep you dry when it rains! Please be aware this is not a taxi rank, it is for pre-booked taxis only. We recommend Wessex Cars: 01962 877749.