Student Officers have no pre-defined portfolio, but along with the rest of the elected executive committee, will discuss and propose areas of work for the Union, ensuring that all students are represented. Alongside representing student views generally, Silas's chosen areas of work will include taking an active role on the following;

  • Education (Education Zone)

  • Student Demographic Representation (Education Zone)

  • Advice Centre (Welfare Zone)

  • Student Housing (Welfare Zone)

  • Volunteering/Community Action (Activities Zone)


Phone: 01962 827418


More about Silas


What do you study?

BA (Hons) Global History and Politics.


What SU run events and activities have you been a part of?

At the beginning of my first year, I decided to try something completely new by joining Winchester Sound Radio. Having been producer of their weekly politics show, I subsequently got elected as Head of Current Affairs by my second year. Joining Sound Radio is one of the best decisions I have made as it has taught me so much about radio as a potential career path, and I have met many wonderful people!

I have also been a Student Academic Representative (StAR) for two years, where I represent my fellow students at regular meetings with Programme Staff. It is a role I love to immerse myself in as it provides unique opportunities to help improve the course for current and future students.


What are your top Manifesto points?


  • Championing your voice.
  • Supporting those with part-time jobs.
  • Mental health and inclusivity.


What made you run in the Elections to become an officer?

I ran because I felt devoted to the values of the SU and vehemently believed in the principle of students being represented at uni. I have also seen the difference the SU has made, be it the introduction of the StAR scheme or representing students’ interests on crucial issues. I know this great work can be built upon.


The voice of the SU itself can be strengthened by encouraging student engagement with elections. I also want to build upon the SU’s principle of representation by representing students who have an increased workload because they need a part-time job.


What’s your favourite thing about Winchester?

When I think back to my favourite memories as a student at Winchester, they all involve the wonderful people I have met along the way. University provides an amazing opportunity to meet so many new people and is where I have met life-long friends who have helped make my experience what it is. I will never forget the SU election week where I met hundreds of students who I had never met before to listen to their questions to me as a candidate. I also like that, as our uni is relatively small, I see familiar faces every day.


What has been your proudest moment during your student journey?

Aside from getting elected as Student Officer, one of my proudest moments at uni was representing Winchester Sound Radio by participating in the Student Radio Association Chart Show in 2019. I was among other society team members and was responsible for designing the graphics on social media. The success of the show demonstrated how well we could work as a team and made me feel proud of how we had represented Winchester student radio on the national stage.


What do you like doing when you aren’t being a Winchester SU Officer?

I am fascinated with politics, so I spend lots of my time keeping myself up-to-date with current affairs. This involves watching the news or reading articles and books.


I also like to keep physically and mentally fit by regularly going to the gym and having daily walks. After a day in the library it always makes me feel refreshed.