STUDENT OFFICER, Louise Williamson

Student Officers have no pre-defined portfolio, but along with the rest of the elected executive committee, will discuss and propose areas of work for the Union, ensuring that all students are represented. Alongside representing student views generally, Louise's chosen areas of work will include taking an active role on the following;

  • Education (Education Zone)

  • Student Academic Represenation (StARs) (Education Zone)

  • Environment & Sustainability (Education Zone)

  • Represenational Networks Development (Activities Zone)

  • Community Relations (Services Zone)


Phone: 01962 827418


More about Louise


What do you study?

I study Media, Communications and Social Media and I’m a third year.


What SU run events and activities have you been a part of?

I have been a part of Sound Radio for 2 years now. I have also been a StAR since first year.


What are your top Manifesto points?

  • Making the SU more environmentally friendly.
  • A student bus route/prices for students.
  • More representation for non-sports societies.


What made you run in the Elections to become an officer?

After being a StAR for 2 years, I really wanted to be able to make a change to the university myself, and be able to represent students from all different backgrounds. I saw the brilliant work that SU officers had done and felt inspired to do the same. I am also very conscious that we could be doing a lot more as a university to be more environmentally friendly, and this is something I want to help implement. 


What’s your favourite thing about Winchester?

My favourite thing about Winchester is the sense of community there, as we have such a small campus and quite a small number of students compared to some universities, you really get to know people. I know almost everyone on my course, and if you go to BOP, you are guaranteed to meet people you know. I also love how the lecturers really get to know you.


What has been your proudest moment during your student journey?

My proudest moment is achieving a First overall for second year, I have dropped out of university before and didn’t think I could every get a first, but I did. Hopefully I can keep it up for my final year!


What do you like doing when you aren’t being a Winchester SU Officer?

I absolutely love going to the cinema, it’s by far my favourite thing to do, it’s what my friends know me for! I also like shopping - a lot, and have an addiction to the ethical clothing company Lucy and Yak! Another thing I love to do is travel, and I can’t wait to hopefully be able to do that after third year has finished.