Lee Thair-White

"Vote Lee for Equality, Inclusion, Support, and a diverse range of opportunities in your Student Union"!

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What do I stand for?


Having been elected Chair of the Spectrum Students (LGBTQPIA+) Network for 3 years running, I understand the issues at the heart of the student body, and I am listening and responding to what students have to say about their university experience. As a member of the queer and trans communities myself, I know how important it is to be listened to and represented, and I want to be the voice not only for the students who feel under-represented but a voice for all students at The University of Winchester.


Students deserve to feel connected with both each other and the Student Union, which is why it is important we listen to students when they express feelings of disconnect. Feedback from the Big Survey, conducted by the Winchester Student Union, shows that there are still a lot of students unaware of the range of opportunities, events and activities run by both the Student Union and its Activity Groups (Societies, Sports Teams, Representational Networks). This is why, if elected as VP Activities, I aim to improve the way we communicate with students, improve support for students wishing to create new Activity Groups, and increase training of Activity Group committees to improve the overall accessibility of the Activities Zone.


In such difficult times, everyone is feeling the effects of the pandemic, and it would be fruitless to ignore how Covid-19 could potentially impact the next academic year. There needs to be clearly communicated plans set in place, both by The University of Winchester and the Winchester Student Union, for a gradual and safe return to campus. To return to 'normal' operations, the Activities Zone needs to ensure that all committees of Activity Groups are suitably briefed on the required safety measures before their group is allowed to operate on campus. We should also consider that not all committees will have students that were studying at The University of Winchester prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, and as such, these students may not have a frame of reference for running their Activity Group on campus. It is for this reason that I propose further training should be provided to committees, not only to ensure the safety of students but to provide all Societies, Sports Teams and Representational Networks with the resources to thrive both online and in physical settings.


Why vote for me?

I was named Network Champion of the Year 2019-20:

It was an honour to be recognised by the Student Union as someone who has made a difference at The University of Winchester. I've always been an advocate for the LGBTQPIA+ community, and being named Network Champion of the Year, alongside Spectrum winning Network of the Year, was absolutely amazing!

I have Chaired the Spectrum Students (LGBTQPIA+) Network for 3 years:

In my 3 years as Chair of Spectrum, I have learned a lot about what it takes to lead and work as a team to ensure everything runs smoothly. As the Chair of the Network, I have to consider how our actions as a group may represent the wider student LGBTQPIA+ community, and how to better represent the community. I believe this has prepared me well for the role of VP, Activities because it has taught me how to assess the needs of the many and how to best represent the student voice. During this time I have also been the main point of contact for the Network, which involves sorting and replying to emails, managing the social media accounts, and preparing weekly meetings. This role has been both rewarding and challenging, and I am thankful for everything I have learned from this experience.

I am studying for a Masters in Creative Writing:

I chose to continue my studies at The University of Winchester because I couldn't get enough of the Winchester spirit! I feel a real sense of community here and in the city as a whole, and I couldn't bring myself to study for a Masters anywhere else. In my time as a Masters student, I have come to realise that postgraduate students tend to feel more distanced from the social side of the university experience and don't feel that Student Union events are meant for them. And they're not the only ones; the results of The Big Survey have highlighted to me that students who are not studying a full-time undergraduate course are less likely to engage with the Student Union and the range of activities, events and opportunities they offer. Therefore, I would like to improve the accessibility of the Student Union, by offering a larger range of events, activities and opportunities online, and more events that are inclusive of those who don't enjoy club nights (once it is safe to conduct physical events).