Kate Mardon

"A vote for Kate Mardon is a vote for an inclusive and empowered student voice".

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Hello everyone my name is Kate Mardon and I am running to be your next Vice President of Activities. I am currently a third-year media and communications student and the head of programming for the Sound Radio Society. I also volunteer with Winchester Hub on their communications team and am a volunteer radio presenter for Voice FM in Southampton. 

As my candidate Q and A did not work I will put my responses here. You can listen to my youtube video above to hear more about my manifesto and check out the social media above to hear the most from me!

Candidate Q and A questions and answers:

“A lot of committees are concerned that they do not have many people in their societies who can continue their activity group on next year, how can you support activity groups to continue their legacies”?

I will make sure I promote student union activity groups through the student union website and social media channels. I will get in touch with activity groups and share how it is a great role to be part of a committee by sharing my own experience and encouraging current committee members to share their experience and to encourage their activity members to run in the elections. 

[Relating to Student Union activities] What ways can you think of to include, not just the full-time students, but part-time students too?

I want to introduce a blended approach so every student can get involved in what our activities group has to offer and offer a range of activities so they can get involved with our activities groups socials and be part of the university activity groups. 

“several students commented that they felt a ‘drinking culture’ in Activity Groups deterred them from joining – what can be done to remove this perceived barrier to participation”?

Yes, I definitely feel that drinking culture is a big aspect of student life and I want to change that. As a society member myself If you vote me as your VP activities, I want to campaign surrounding this and make people aware that you don't have to drink to be involved with the activities at University. I also want to enhance the blended approach here again so students don't feel left out. 

If you have any questions feel free to get in contact with me via my social media channels linked above to ask me more questions!