Jessica Errington

Hi, Jess Errington and I am running to be your Vice President, Education & Welfare!

What do i study?

I am currently in my third year at Winchester studying sociology

What experience do i have?

During my three years at Winchester, I have always been a very active member of the student community, taking part in various events really geared towards improving the welfare of students as well as the wider community, one example being that I used to volunteer for a councillor in Stanmore focusing on student engagement and community action projects. During my time in sixth-form i was deputy head girl so i have experience in leadership, public speaking and student representation. 

Why did i apply as Vice President, Education & Welfare?

I'm certain we would all agree, that a huge contributor to all of us making the decision to enrol into Winchester, was the unparalleled sense of community that this university grants us, and without a doubt i would love to further my involvement in. Following recent events, it has really been highlighted the importance of a strong Student Union in order to achieve a positive and memorable university experience, for every student, regardless of background. Upon being elected, I promise to represent you, you’re learning experience and the things you care about during your time at Winchester. It is more than important to point how strongly I feel about our University and the strong sense of community created with every new intake of students. I know for certain that our university is a great one. I believe that our diversity and variance makes for a an openminded, inclusive environment, in which students can feel both appreciated and challenged.

As your Vice President, Education & Welfare, I want to listen to you, your voice is the most powerful asset to ensuring your quality of education and your welfare experience. Having a team of approachable Sabbatical Officers allows you to fully communicate your ideas, allows you to be represented and ultimately meet your full potential while at university. Maintaining a strong relationship between the Student Union and university enables the best experience for you, the students.

Where can i find out more?

Instagram : @votejessforvp

Facebook : Jessica Errington

Twitter : @JessLErrington

"A vote for Jess Errington, is a vote for a calm and conscientious candidate, and most importantly to be heard"