Welcome to Winchester

You should be proud of yourself for making it to university; we are so pleased you are here!

Hi! I’m Igor and I’m your International Students Officer.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

  • SU_international@winchester.ac.uk
  • Find me on level 3 of the University centre in the Student Union offices, or around on campus!
  • You can also follow me on Twitter @winchesterint

Below are a few tips to help you get the best out of your time at the University of Winchester, and your time in the UK, whether you’re here for a semester, or for your entire degree!

  • Use Freshers week to have fun and make new friends, but also use it as an opportunity to find the different buildings, and faculty offices (so you know where to submit assignments!), so you are ready for your first week.
  • Make friends (or at least introduce yourself) to people not from your country.  Get to know people on your course, and the people you are living with.  You never know what you might have in common!
  • You are in a new country where things will be different, be prepared for these cultural differences and enjoy them.  You have the unique experience of learning about another culture, embrace it and enjoy the new experiences this will bring.  Remember, there is no one right way!
  • Get involved! Whilst it is important to do well in your studies, there are many sports and societies to get involved with, and they provide a great opportunity to meet new people!
  • Be aware of your visa requirements, and your responsibilities.
  • Stay Safe! Walk home with friends, use taxis, or take advantage of the Student Union’s Safety bus if you’re living off campus.
  • Explore! England is relatively small with various landscapes and accents! The 16-25 railcard provides reduces rail fares and allows you to explore the UK via trains!  Equally, you are in a unique position with good transport links to Europe.  Travelling can be affordable!  Purchase a NUS (National Union of Students) card and you can get discounts on everything from travelling to restaurants to clothing.
  • Share! Not only are you exploring and embracing a new culture, but they are embracing you!  Remember to share your thoughts and ideas.  Not only formally in lectures, but also informally! The university is a welcoming place filled with open-minded people, who would love to hear your ideas.
  • Ask lots of questions! There are no silly questions!  Whatever is on your mind, whether it is in a lecture or seminar (ask or email your lecturer!), or really anything else (email me!).  Everyone is more than happy to help.


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