Commuter Society

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The Commuter Society was started because we wanted to find a way to link commuters with other students who may share similar circumstances, and who don't always find it easy to immerse themselves in university life because of their outside commitments. We host Commuter Society get-together events monthly, holding them on different days and at different times to try and make them accessible to as many people as possible. The idea of these events is to give commuters a chance to meet face to face and build up friendships all across the university. We also have our very own Commuter Society Lounge, with homely facilities designed to give commuting students a 'home from home'. The Lounge is situated near next to Alwyn Car Park, about two minutes from the Kenneth Kettle Building. We have comfy sofas, dining table, microwave and fridge, shower, lockers, network pcs and printer. We have a strong and growing membership who support each other in person and through our members-only Facebook page. ]

Once you have purchased your membership, you should email Liz Floyd, Society Chair, at  with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your student number
  • Your term-time postcode (which must be more than five miles from the campus)

We look forward to meeting you very soon! 


Terms and Conditions

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Where a sport or society has a competitive element or other external factors that affect the number of participants, your membership may be subject to criteria other than joining the group via this website. If this results in your membership not being able to accepted, you will be informed (with any relevant details) and your membership will be refunded.


Membership will not normally be refunded if you cease being a student, voluntarily end your membership or you are subject to disciplinary action that removes your membership status.


For any and all queries about membership please contact your chair/captain or email