BSL, British Sign Language

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Welcome to the British Sign Language (BSL) Society!


The society was founded in 2018 and has developed with the help of very supportive members. We are proud to be the biggest society on campus, and were very lucky to win Society of the Year 2018 at the Student and Staff Recognition Awards. 


The society meets every Monday from 6-7pm. You do not need any prior knowledge of BSL to join us, as we teach basic BSL in fun, informal sessions. We will teach everything from basic greetings, to cheesy chat up lines! 


We have a lot of connections to the deaf community and are very lucky to have many people interested in visiting the society. Wayne Barrow came in one year to teach the society a BSL song and we hope to have him back again! 


Expect lots of fundraisers and socials throughout the year, as we have a dedicated committee to ensure that there are socials everyone can enjoy. 


Find us on Facebook for more information at:


Or Instagram at: @uowbslsociety


We hope to see you soon! 

Terms and conditions

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Where a sport or society has a competitive element or other external factors that affect the number of participants, your membership may be subject to criteria other than joining the group via this website. If this results in your membership not being able to accepted, you will be informed (with any relevant details) and your membership will be refunded.


Membership will not normally be refunded if you cease being a student, voluntarily end your membership or you are subject to disciplinary action that removes your membership status.


For any and all queries about membership please contact your chair/captain or email