Freshers Fayre is an opportunity for us to showcase everything Winchester has to offer to both new and returning students. 

This year we are very much hoping we will be able to move back to an 'in person' experience, and we are currently moving full steam ahead on this basis.

At Freshers Fayre we host stalls for hundreds of opportunities for students, from the sports, societies and representational networks provided by your Student Union, the opportunities provided by the departments and areas of the University, through to those provided by local businesses and organsiations. There truly is something for everyone.

This year's fayre is taking place from 11am to 3pm on Saturday 18th September across several venues in and around the King Alfred Centre, Stripe and St Alpheges, and all new and returning second year students are welcome to attend.

If you are a local business or organisation that would like to book a stall at this year's event, please complete our booking form.