Darren Patis

"A vote for Darren is a vote for unity and excellence who will give your concerns a voice it deserves".

I am Darren Patis I am currently a third-year student and will be returning in September to do an MA.


What I stand for in this campaign can be summed up in 6 words, Excellence, Equality, Accessible, Welfare, Education, Services. 


Excellence - Winchester University is an excellent university to study at.  What I am promising to do under this heading is to take ideas and suggestions for improving that excellence of the university to the relevant meetings and people.


Equality - Winchester University takes equality seriously and again if there are any ideas or thoughts that you may have on how to improve the university to cover equality for everyone, then again I pledge to take these to the right meetings and people.


Accessible - Having mobility issues and using a mobility scooter, I have found that some of the buildings are not completely accessible, or easily accessible, for example, in the Herbert Jarmin building you enter the lift from the front and then have to try and exit from the side which makes it very difficult.  I pledge to take any issues to do with accessibility very serious and again will take your comments and views to the necessary meetings.


Welfare - I pledge to make sure that everybody within the campus knows where they can access information or help to do with your personal well-being.  If the issue is too personal and you do not feel comfortable talking to a male I will pledge to find a suitable person for you to talk too.


Education - I want every student to have the best experience they can at university and have the best access to learning.  I pledge to help anyone who is struggling with their learning for any reason to find an appropriate person that they can discuss the matter further with.


Services - Like welfare I pledge that all students will be aware of everything that the university has to off its students and that the students are aware of all services that the university have to offer.


Please view my manifesto and connect to my Facebook page to ask any questions.



Please check out my Facebook campaign page @voteforquality


This is the link to the voting page for Friday 19th @ 9:00 pm Voting in our election @ Winchester Student Union (winchesterstudents.co.uk)