Daniel Hepburn

"A vote for Dan Hepburn is a vote for a dependable candidate who is passionate about ensuring all students feel at home in Winchester".


Hi, I’m Dan and I am running for the Vice President, Activities role in this election. I am a fourth year student studying mRes Sport and Exercise. Please take the time to read through my full manifesto to see what I stand for but in simple terms I want to strive for an inclusive Student Union that seeks to fulfil the needs of students and represent them in the light they deserve. There’s more to University than just a degree.


I pledge to focus on four key points:


No student should miss out on Student Union events, whether they are virtual or in-person and the Student Union should take all measures they can to make sure students feel safe, valued and want to get involved. It is also imperative that all students feel they have the necessary available support if they wish to use the services provided. Well-being reps for activity groups should be fully trained for their role and be a foundation part in their society.


Inclusivity for all students plays an integral part in ensuring student satisfaction. Every student, including those in minority groups, should feel connected to each other and also the Student Union. There should be particular focus on those groups who tend not to get involved during their time at University.


Continuing the support of student success will enhance the student experience. The students are the driving force behind the Student Union and represent the Union on a regular basis and their success deserves to be rewarded. Support between students is key and as a result, all students should be fully aware of all fixtures and events.


A Student Union that is student-led should ensure all students’ voices are heard and that they are represented further. All students should feel a sufficient level of trust between themselves and the Student Union when leading campaigns and the suggestions and feedback of the students of Winchester should be acted upon.


Please check out my full manifesto which goes into more detail on how I plan to achieve these and take a look at my Facebook and Instagram to follow my full campaigning process!