Charlotte Baker

"For passion and experience in Student Voice, a promise of open communication and building a great University experience – Vote Charlotte for Student Officer".

Hi, I’m Charlotte and I am running to be one of your Student Officers in this election. I am a second-year student studying drama and the current Student Voice Assistant at Winchester Student Union where I work closely on the StARs scheme and representing student voice.

Why I should be elected as your student officer is because I have an undeniable passion for student voice and getting students the full university experience they deserve.

I pledge to improve 4 key areas.

1: Student Voice. I want to reduce StARs isolation with social events within the scheme and promote the scheme university wide.

2: Student support. I want to promote the advice centre and make sure there is a focus in the next academic year on students mental health due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

3: Open line of communication. I want to introduce regular officer updates, and make sure I am available to all, for discussions on how to improve your university experience.

4: Growth university wide. I want to grow sustainability, endeavour for students to get a full university experience post pandemic, work on the idea of a 2 week freshers and champion to have more events throughout the year.

For more information from me please check out my social media - charlotte.baker00 on instagram.  

I believe my pledges are realistic and accurate to what students need. You can trust me to deliver this as you student officer. I hope I can count on your vote.