Diversity and Inclusion

Tuesday 31-01-2017 - 16:00

At Winchester Student Union we value all our international students no matter their nationality or religion. We strongly believe and implement through all our activities that no person should be discriminated against based on their nationality, religion, gender or any other identity. This is why we are saddened to see the steps taken by the President of the United States Donald Trump in regards to refugees and people from Muslim majority countries.

At the Student Union we are proud to represent over sixty different nationalities and believe that every single one adds to that wonderfully diverse community we call Winchester. Students from the United States of America also make up a significant number of our international students and we are very happy to welcome them to Winchester semester by semester.

At this difficult time some students might try to find someone to blame and other students might feel guilty. We would like to invite all students to join together and celebrate our diversity instead of trying to point fingers.

However, if you do feel that you are getting an unfair treatment from your peers or staff, or simply want to talk more about the issue do not hesitate to contact your Student Union officers.

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