Aaron-Eugene Ogbuehi

"A vote for Aaron-Eugene Ogbuehi is a vote for a pragmatic, strong and flexible leader that will empower students and fight for equality at Uni".

Who am I?

A first year Marketing Student, Social Media officer for the Labour Uni Society, BAME Ambassador, Marketing STAR and a member of the Student Advisory Council

What made you want to run?

The reason for running is because I want to give all students a powerful voice, an opportunity to be in control of what they want, and I would like to give back to the University and the wider community.

What are your objectives?

My objectives are to improve diversity in our extra-curricular activities, mental health, and education. I will make sure our University truly adheres to sustainability, social justice, security, and stability.

Where do I vote?

Here is the voting page for Friday 19th @ 9:00 pm Voting in our election @ Winchester Student Union (winchesterstudents.co.uk)

Where can you find out more information? 

You can click onto my manifesto and read more about my policies. Or you can follow my social media account for keeping up with notifcations about the elections! 

Instagram: @aaron4s0